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Royee Beary

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Homeland Security (HLS) has become a central concept in many countries in recent years, denoting benchmark capacities in ensuring the safety and security of citizens and whole populations from threats and hazards. The HLS conception consists in setting up in advance the protective mechanisms from such threats as war, terror attacks, natural disasters and external threats, facilitating lifesaving and minimizing the loss of human life and any other possible loss and damage.

Today, the execution of that conception is equally valid for bodies which are not at the state level. Various authorities, commercial organizations, infrastructure and other corporations are required to establish protection, security and prevention layouts as an integral part of their general strategy, their emergency programs, their stability and civil continuity.

Relying on a 28 years long military career up to the rank of Colonel, during which he held highly diverse posts of command in actual combat as well as defensive planning and operation, at present Royee provides ongoing counsel, training and instruction in the fields of security, defense and prevention for various bodies, systems and authorities.

Among his duties, Royee served for two years as the head officer of the southern branch of the Home-Front Command of the IDF, including during the "hot" period of Operation Protective Edge. In previous years, in view of the growing threats and challenges in the southern parts of Israel, Royee led the establishment of two brigade units – 'Ha'arava' and 'Eilat', as served as their commander for three years.

Royee holds a BA degree in Human Resources and an MA degree in Diplomacy & Security. As part of his training Royee studied at the CGS College in Kansas USA, where he graduated from a diploma-studies course as Master in Military Art and Science.

The counsel services Royee provides include mapping and diagnosis, formation of strategy, building operational programs and establishing as well as managing projects and comprehensive systems in the realms of security, emergency and defensive techniques. In addition, Royee delivers instructions and various courses on leadership in times of crisis and on how to cope with emergency as well as other complex events.

Public organizations, commercial companies, various authorities, including population centers like cities and other kinds of inhabited centers of population, are part of the clients with whom Royee works regularly. Each body undergoes a meticulous preliminary diagnosis process, which includes a high-resolution formulation of its specific needs and objectives, which further serve as a basis for building tailored counsel programs and designated operations.

Fostering leadership in times of crisis
  • Forming the vision and creating organizational identity and leadership in times of emergency and periods of crisis

  • Building a leadership-oriented managerial conception

  • Guidance and the formation of a solid connection between routine leadership and leadership in complex and challenging circumstances

  • Counsel and guidance in leading processes of change with emphasis on leadership and the establishment of a new organization with its own identity, vision and values

  • Preparing designated seminars for managers, heads of various authorities and security officers

  • Employee instruction on issues of personal security, defense and coping with emergency circumstances and lack of certainty

  • Seminars in the field of civil defense and home-front protection

  • Personal support, mentoring and counsel for managers in various fields and various levels

  • Lectures on specific themes in the field of security, emergency and leadership

Courses, trainings and seminars on issues related to security, emergency and leadership
  • Conducting mapping and diagnosis procedures

  • Formation of strategy and writing the operational conception backed by a practical work plan and budget estimations

  • Providing response and facilitating creative solutions for complex and dynamic security situations in all aspects of defense and security

  • Managing and supervising over projects in the realm of infrastructure protection

Security & Protection
Civil defense and border protection (authorities, strategic plants, public organizations and companies)

Royee Beary - Security, States of Emergency and Leadership

Today's compromises are tomorrow's Norms

  • Assessment of performance and preparedness, alert inspections, future deployment and writing regulations

  • Developing and executing special drills for times of emergency, terror events and natural disasters, followed by methodical drawing of the cardinal lessons and conclusions and implementation thereof

  • Ongoing control of the emergency deployment, providing directions and support in decision-making in times of crisis and validation of rules in times of emergency

  • Guidance and counsel in coping with effective management of the events in times of crisis and emergency

  • Assimilation of protection and security technologies

  • Professional counsel in all aspects of coordination and cooperation with civil bodies such as governmental ministries, the police force, emergency organizations, bodies responsible for infrastructure etc.

  • Leading processes for building independent future capabilities for keeping organizational and economic continuity

Managing Emergency Situations
Forming conceptions, rules, procedures and technologies as part of the preparation of civil society for times of emergency
  • Planning and establishing defensive layouts for protection from hazardous materials in plants and governmental organizations

  • Counsel and direction for civil organizations in setting up procedures, mechanisms and infrastructure for dealing with natural disasters

Hazardous Materials & Natural Disasters
Environmental protection, prevention and natural disasters


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